This week we have the final issue of Batman and the final issue of Catwoman before the rebirth event.  The four issues we are looking at today are:  Batman #52, Catwoman #52, Red Hood/Arsenal #12, and Gotham Academy #18. 

Batman #52 is a single issue story dealing with how Bruce Wayne got over his parents deaths.  Overall it is a well written issue but with one problem.  The villain is completely forgettable.  The thing that I like most about this issue was the amount of character development of Bruce Wayne.  After 75 years writers have managed to still teach the reader new things about Bruce Wayne and I enjoy that a lot. 

Selina Kyle has to deal with a former dead boyfriend and Black Mask in Catwoman #52.  This was the conclusion to the story started in Catwoman #51.  To be honest, this was not the best way to end the Catwoman series.  The flashbacks were amazing but the story in the present did not do anything for me.  Catwoman was never really in any danger and most of the story revolved around her former boyfriend and Black Mask.  I don’t know when Catwoman will get another comic series but I am kind of disappointed in the way they ended this one.

Apparently the Joker’s Daughter is alive in Red Hood/Arsenal #12.  Don’t ask me how.  While I would love to tell you the plot of this disaster I won’t due to the fact that there are some major revelations.  What I can say is the entire time I was reading this my face was in the palm of my hand asking “why did the author do this?”  We have one more issue and this series has been great so far.  Can we please end on a good issue, please?

It’s the last issue of the yearbook storyline in Gotham Academy #18.  This issue uses the same formula from the previous four issues and thank God this storyline is over after five issues of the same formula I am starting to get bored.  I still enjoyed this issue but I could have lived without it.  Overall the yearbook storyline is a collection of fifteen short stories connected by another story and it is well written.  However, I do think that it over stayed its welcome.  That being said, I can’t wait for what happens next for the students of Gotham Academy.