This week we only have two comics to review there would have been three, but Batman Superman #32 is part of a crossover that would be too confusing to explain here. The two books we are looking at today are Detective Comics #52 and Batman Beyond #12.

Jim Gordon fights a cult in the deserts of Afghanistan in the pages of the final issue of Detective Comics before Rebirth. This issue ends the two-part story that focuses on Jim Gordon’s last known appearance as Batman. While I enjoyed the comic I felt the ending was a bit cramped; there was enough for two issues. Was this issue a good final issue? It all depends on who you ask. I think they could have done a lot better and I would have preferred one or two more issues.

For people who liked the Batman Beyond TV show, you’re going to be happy to know that Terry McGinnis is back as Batman Beyond in issue #12. This is a new story that is set before Future’s End, which is all we’re going to say about Future’s End on this blog. This is the best issue of the new Batman Beyond series so far, which is not saying much. I hope this series continues in this style rather than the style from the first 11 issues.