Everyone loves a good team-up story and this week we are looking at two.  Robin, Son of Batman #11 and Poison Ivy, Cycle of Life and Death are the only two comics for the Bat Family that came out this week. 

Damion Wayne teams up with his father, Batman and his mother, Talia Al Gul.  This issue continues the Indianna Jones vibe for the story.  I enjoyed every panel of this comic and will be sad when the series ends at issue #13.  The only problem I have is we still don’t know who the main bad guy of this story arc is.  We see him but he is wearing a mask.  Whenever an author puts a bad guy in a mask they are always hiding something. 

Catwoman joins Poison Ivy and a co-worker of hers to solve the mystery of who is framing Poison Ivy in Poison Ivy, Cycle of Life and Death #4.  What I love about this series is that it progresses each book so that the story doesn’t drag. Saying anything more would ruin the plot of this great mystery story but what I can say is I can’t wait for the last two issues.