Before we get into the books today, you need to know that I decided to skip this month’s issue of Batman/Superman due to the fact that it is the second chapter of a cross-over story and it really focus on Batman.  I still read it and I enjoyed it.  The four books that we are going to review are Catwoman #51, Black Canary #10, Red Hood/Arsenal #11, and Gotham Academy #17.  Let’s begin.

We being this week with Catwoman #51 where we learn more about her origin and a guy she dated named David.  This issue is very interesting although he uses a couple of clichés that have been beaten to death.  The story was written very well.  There is nothing else I can say without giving away the story.  I think Catwoman fans will enjoy this issue.

Black Canary #10 feels like it was written by a complete lunatic in my opinion.  The story felt weird.  I did not feel like I was reading a Black Canary comic.  I felt like I was reading a bad episode of the Twilight Zone.  To me, the story made little sense and like last month it did not continue the story from the previous issue.  Could we please continue the story that started in issue 1?  As of now we have two issues that do not belong in the story whatsoever and I am sick of it.

Roy Harper dreams of old comrades while the Red Hood deals with the Joker’s Daughter.  While this issue was great on its own, as a chapter in a series it has set character development back.  Is the Joker’s Daughter sane or insane?  The writer of this series has no idea where wants that character to end up and it is frustrating because he used the Joker’s Daughter very well at first. 

Lastly, in Gotham Academy #17, we have another chapter in the yearbook story line.  Like the other chapters this one had another set of three short stories.  Two of them were great but one of them that dealt with characters playing Dungeons and Dragons felt completely out of place.  The thing is, somehow this story got me to laugh.  I don’t know how.  I think I was laughing at how random it was.