Batman and Robin Eternal has ended but we have two more months until DC rebirths which is a semi-reboot.  This week we have Detective Comics #51, Batgirl #50, and Batman Beyond #11. 

Jim Gordon’s time as Batman is not over.  In Detective Comics #50 an event from his military past comes back to haunt him.  This issue is a military mystery.  It is well written and very different from the other Detective Comics issues.  My favourite thing about this issue is we get to learn a lot more about Jim Gordon’s past.  The pace of this issue is excellent with no slow spots at all.  The only downside of this story is it is only going to be two issues long and they have already introduced so much that I don’t know if they can properly end the story in two issues.

Batgirl #50 ends the current story line in the Batgirl comics.  While it was a great ending, the journey here was a bit forgettable.  Even in this issue there are forgettable moments.  The thing that redeems this issue is the fact that the writers knew how to have fun with the story. 

Lastly, in Batman Beyond #11, Tim Drake has to fight a mind-controlled Justice League.  This issue was OK.  There was nothing special about it.  We see the same kind of plot elements that we had already seen in this series.  Overall I would wait for the graphic novel of this story to read this chapter.  You are not missing much.