This is not an April Fool’s joke! If you want an April Fool’s gag, there are about a billion on Youtube. This week we’re looking at the final issue of Batman and Robin Eternal and I’m going to give you my opinion on the movie Batman v Superman.

Batman and Robin Eternal #26 ends the series on a high note. The whole book is like the final act of a good James Bond movie. My predictions kind of came true. I’m not going to reveal any plot details due to the fact that it is the final chapter of a story. What I can say is I was satisfied with where the characters ended up. I can’t say any more than this but I can say that you need to read this series.

Batman v Superman was a decent movie in my opinion. It wasn’t amazing but it was mostly well written and well-acted. Ben Affleck as Batman was the best part of the movie. He played the most comic-accurate Batman I have ever seen. Henry Cavill as Superman was decent but he lacked the charm that Superman has. He was still good but he wasn’t charming. In my opinion, the biggest mistake this movie had was the inclusion of Wonder Woman. My problem with her was the lack of character development and how pointless she was to the story. Most critics say that she was the best part of this film. If someone can point out how they thought this, I would love to hear it. Overall it is a worthwhile movie to see if you don’t mind a movie that was probably edited by a teenager.