Happy Easter everyone! This week we have two important events, the fiftieth of Batman and the premier of Batman v. Superman.  Along with Batman #50 we will be reviewing Grayson #18, We Are Robin #10 and Batman and Robin Eternal #25.

Batman #50 is the final chapter of the Superheavy Saga. Issue 50 concludes the story in a very neat way with answering all the questions and featuring a fight you would see in a Godzilla movie. My one complaint is how they ended Jim Gordon’s arc. I won’t spoil anything but I did find it a bit underwhelming. The thing I like most about this issue was the fact that it did not leave any questions unanswered and for comics that is rare.

In Grayson #18, Dick Grayson and his partner , while wanting to take down Spiral, end up defending the organization since another group of super villains are trying to kill everyone in that organization. While I enjoyed this issue, I would rather have the whole story at once due to how complicated it is. I have no idea if they are planning to end this series and have Dick Grayson star in a new series but that is what it feels like.

The Joker gang start their assault on Gotham in We Are Robin #10. I have no idea if I enjoyed this issue or not. There were multiple stories going on at once, like the last issue, however they did connect a few of the stories together. The problem I have with this issue and this series as a whole is the fact that they are building up the other Robins who are likely to disappear at the end of the series whenever that will be. The Joker gang leader is called Smiley. I like the character development but I didn’t like his origin in the last issue. I just thought it was too over the top.

Finally, in Batman and Robin Eternal #25, the Bat family and Mother prepare for their final battle against each other with Mother trying to get Harper Row on her side. This issue is under the category of necessary set-up. I did enjoy this issue a lot and set-up issues rarely give me enjoyment.

This weekend I am going to see Batman v. Superman and post my first movie review on either Sunday or Monday. So far the reviews have been all over the place. I have never seen a big movie that has this many varying opinions. I can’t wait to see it.