This week we have everything from a murder mystery to a PSA about not resurrecting the dead. The four comics we are reviewing are: Poison Ivy, Cycle of Life and Death #3, Robin, Son of Batman #10, Black Canary #9, and Batman and Robin Eternal #24.

Poison Ivy’s life goes from bad to worse when a second winds up dead in Poison Ivy, Cycle of Life and Death #3. This issue continues the story in a well written chapter. Poison Ivy doesn’t only have to deal with another murder but the fact that she can reproduce asexually due to her powers. This is a very interesting read, however, due to it being a mystery story you would think that you would have a clue to who the killer is but as of yet I don’t. It could be that I’m too boneheaded to figure it out.

Bringing the dead back to life is a huge no-no but that’s what Damion Wayne has to deal with in Robin, Son of Batman #10. The tenth chapter in this series reads like the beginning of a new story. I don’t know if it is because it ties in with the other nine issues really well. I enjoyed this issue very much due to how different it is to the other Batman books. When DC does decide to put a new writer on the series I hope they pick someone with a similar writing style.

In Black Canary #9, Black Canary and her band play private show for a little girl and every villain in Gotham. This issue reminds me of an episode of Scooby Doo. It was fun and made me laugh. The downside of this issue was the fact that it was a diversion from the current story line. I have never seen a comic series have a one issue story right in the middle of telling a big multi-issue story. It’s just unusual.

Finally, in Batman and Robin Eternal #24, Mother tries to brainwash Harper Row. There are two issues of this series left after this issue and I still have no idea what is the end goal of the writer’s. I do, however, have a prediction that may upset fans of Harper Row. I think Harper Row is going to be killed off. I hope I’m wrong but I’ve got feeling that I’m not.