This week we will review our first two special fiftieth issues set in the Batman Universe. These two issues are the fiftieth issues of Detective Comics and Catwoman. The only special thing that you will find is a redrawn cover of the first issue with the current design of the main character of that particular series. The books that are being reviewed today are as follows: Detective Comics #50,Catwoman #50, Batman/Superman #30, Red Hood/Arsenal #10, Gotham Academy #16 and Batman and Robin Eternal #23.

In the fiftieth issue of Detective Comics, Jim Gordon finally catches up with the serial killer that dresses his victims up as historical figures. As it is the end of a story I cannot say anything about the plot but what I can say is it’s a satisfying ending to this three issue story line. I only had one minor complaint about the issue but it’s something that can be fixed later down the line.

Catwoman #50 also concludes the current story line of the comic. However, this ending was not very satisfying at all and made me want to have more explanation but I know I am not going to get it. It had good ideas but the execution needed more details. I just hope the next story line does not fall like this one.

Batman/Superman #30 continues their fight with Lobo as they try to save a man in outer space. Overall this issue was just OK as well as the story line. This whole story line was worth reading but it wont be remembered as anything special. I have no idea what the future holds for Batman/Superman but I really hope that Greg Pak returns to the series if it’s just for one story line.

Some people hate psychiatrists and some people hate bombs. Red Hood/Arsenal #10 deals with both of them in the same issue. This issue, while it was great, did a bit of back pedalling which made no sense. The last issue had the Joker’s Daughter give that identity as the super villain name only for this issue to have her come back to it. Why?

The sixteenth issue of Gotham Academy concluded the yearbook story line.   In this issue we have two different stories that yet again focuses on the side characters to develop them more. As with the last two issues these stories were well written and had great value in terms of character development.

Finally in Batman and Robin Eternal #23 the entire Bat Family assembles to launch their counterattack against Mother. This issue had a guest appearance by the hero, Midnighter, who is another vigilante. The reason why he is making a cameo appearance is because in the Grayson he and Dick Grayson pair up for a few issues and Midnighter owes Grayson a favour.