It’s the month of March which means a lot of story lines will start to wrap up to make room for new story lines. This week we have three books: Batman Beyond #10, Batgirl #49, and Batman and Robin Eternal #22.

In Batman Beyond #10, Tim Drake has to fight human animal hybrids and the Justice League Beyond. This issue was one big fight scene with little to no character development, however, it did manage to move the plot along. Another problem I have had with the issue was the introduction of the Justice League Beyond came with no background information of the characters. I hope the next issue focuses more on character development.

Batgirl and her companions try to save her memories from computer virus in Batgirl #49. While this was a great story and well written we saw the exact same story in Batman #49 a couple of weeks ago. I have no idea if it was planned this way or not but it was kind of awkward reading a similar story just a couple of weeks later. The fact is both Batgirl #49 and Batman #49 are just the same story with different characters and I hope that this was by accident and not meant to be a direct copy of Batman #49.

Just as Dick Grayson and his team gets Damion Wayne as a new team member, Mother launches her final attack in Batman and Robin Eternal #22. I love this issue because it made Damion the voice of reason for the first time since I started reading Batman. This issue was obviously set up for the final four chapters of the series. The way they did the set-up however made the issue interesting and prevented the issue from falling into the common set-up techniques usually executed.