Like last week we only have three comics to review.  This week we will be reviewing Grayson #17, We Are Robin #9, and Batman and Robin Eternal #21.

Grayson #17 continues the story from Grayson #16, as he and a friend work with the villain, Maxwell Lord, to take down Spiral.  In this issue we have a ton of cameos from characters who had their own comics cancelled.  It is nice to see them again especially if you read their series or read Futures End.  The sad part is this issue did nothing to progress their story line and they were only there for Grayson to fight.

The Joker gang continues to grow in We Are Robin #9.  The good thing about this issue was the fact that we got to see our hero’s live normal lives.  This is the first time we see anything normal happen to the character, Duke.  While this chapter was all set up it had a ton of character development for every character who mattered.  My only complaint is that the Robin gang still doesn’t know about the new Joker gang after two chapters.  Most comic stories range from six to eight chapters and the second chapter the story should be in full swing.

A little history lesson before we begin the review of Batman and Robin Eternal #21.  The Cold War ended  in 1989.  With that being said, Batman and Robin Eternal #21 gives us Mother’s origin story but the time line does not make sense.  The reason why Mother is evil is due to the fact that the Soviet Union invaded her town 21 years ago.  There are two problems that arise from this origin story.  One, Mother looks way too old for the amount of time supposedly passed and two, 21 years ago the Soviet Union was gone and even if they said it was the late ‘80s Moscow didn’t have the money to put into an invasion.  They were flat broke.