For Batman fans, this week there was only three comics to buy on Wednesday. While it’s a small week for Batman fans, if you are like me and buy the graphic novels when they come out, you are still paying $75. This week the three comics we are reviewing are: Robin Son of Batman #9, Poison Ivy, A Cycle of Life and Death #2, and Batman and Robin Eternal #20.

Robin Son of Batman #9 takes place before Batman #48 as we see Damion Wayne try to keep Gotham safe while Batman is out of commission. This issue was well written although you didn’t care about the villains Damion was facing. I enjoyed this story because of how fun it was and I hope the writer had fun writing this issue.

Everyone deserves a second chance some people say. In Poison Ivy, a Cycle of Life and Death #2, Poison Ivy’s second chance is in jeopardy when she is framed for the murder of one of her co-workers. This issue is very slow but it kind of works. This series is essentially a detective story. For some detective stories a slow story works great and that is what this issue does well.

Lastly, in Batman and Robin Eternal #20, we see the worst issue in this series in my opinion. 80% of this issue is a fight scene with no character development and little plot progression. This is a filler issue which should only be read in a graphic novel that collects other issues of Batman and Robin Eternal. Every weekly series has one of these types of issues. You can’t escape that but I hope that this series will end well. We only have six issues left.