On Sunday it’s the day of love but today is a day for Batman! This week we will look at seven books. They include Batman #49, Catwoman #49, Superman//Batman #29, Red Hood/Arsenal #9, Black Canary #8, Gotham Academy #15, and Batman and Robin Eternal #19. If you’re ready, let’s get on with the show.

Batman #49 sees Bruce Wayne trying to recover his memories of Batman. This chapter in the Superheavy story line is the first issue in five years that we see a new artist. In my opinion, this new artist is very similar to the artist that we had last. As for the story, it is well written for a fever dream. The first half of the book is totally confusing but as soon as you get a few pages in it starts to get clearer. This issue also give a ton of character development for Bruce Wayne which we have not seen in a while.

Everyone and their dog is after Selina Kyle in Catwoman #49. When I mean everyone, I mean that they couldn’t fit any more characters into this issue if they tried. Having too many characters is often a bad idea but this issue made it work somehow. I’m not entirely sure how. The biggest problem I have is while there was a lot of character development for Catwoman the story itself did not seem to go anywhere.

There is a first for everything. In Batman/Superman #29, we see the first time Superman and Batman have to fight the space bounty hunter, Lobo. Since it’s the first time this blog has encountered Lobo I want make my opinion about his appearance very clear. I couldn’t care less! The problem people have with Lobo is he is too good looking in this reboot. In my opinion, as long as he is a good character, I don’t care how he looks. As for the story in the issue itself, there was no “wow” factor for me. This issue took no risks and I felt that the writer could have done a lot more.

Red Hood and Arsenal continue their weird underground adventures to save the Joker’s Daughter in Red Hood/Arsenal #9. There is a lot of character development for the Jokers Daughter in this issue. So much so that by the end of this issue the Joker’s Daughter is a different person. This series continues to surprise me and issue #9 is no different.

You know the feeling when you think you missed something? Well, that is Black Canary #8 in a nutshell. This issue doesn’t feel like a continuation of the last issue. It feels like they skipped a few issues and put out the next one after. I have to give credit where credit is due. At least the dialogue was well written and as a stand-alone story it was decent. The problem is this isn’t a stand-alone story.

Last month in Gotham Academy #14, we had a series of three stories that focused on character development of minor characters. This month in issue #15 we get more of the same. This issue had three more stories that were short, sweet and funny. All three stories were well written and had a great art style to accompany them.

There is nothing more terrifying than the American teenager. In Batman and Robin Eternal #19, the Bat Family has to deal with an army of mind-controlled teenagers. This was a set-up issue with a ton of filler with little character development.