This week we learn a dark secret about a fan favourite character.  The four books that we are reviewing this week are all pretty dark in tone.  If you are looking for sunshine and rainbows, this is not the week for you.    Also this week I found out there is a new Scooby Doo Comic set in a post-apocalyptic world.  The four books I am going to talk about are:  Detective Comic #49, Batman Beyond #9, Batgirl #48, and Batman and Robin Eternal #18.

Jim Gordon continues his investigation into a killer that dresses up his victims as historical characters as in Detective Comics #49.  This issue delves more into who the bad guy is without telling the reader his identity.  The bad guy in this comic looks very similar to the bad guy, Birthday Boy, from the original graphic novel, Batman Earth One.  Whether or not they are the same villain time will tell.  Detective Comics #49 was a great issue that told a great detective story.

Tim Drake continues his search for Matt McGuiness* in Batman Beyond #9.  The entire point of this comic is to set up events in the future.  For an issue that is all set up, it does the set up in the best way possible.  This issue is able to move the story along while using a ton of fore-shadowing.  Every issue of Batman Beyond gets better and that is a good thing because I did not like the first couple of issues.

After learning her own brain was manipulated, Batgirl has to team up with Black Canary in Batgirl #48.  This is the best issue of Batgirl since Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart took over.  The story in this issue makes you think about ‘can the brain get hacked like a computer?’   I enjoyed the questions the authors tried to ask the reader.  I hope the writer continues to do this style of writing because they are good at it.

Finally in Batman and Robin Eternal #18, we learn the dark secret of Cassandra Cain and how she is connected to Harper Row.  This series is a roller-coaster ride in the dark with a blindfold on.  Like the other seventeen issues, issue #18 makes us want to read more because the writers keep throwing curve ball after curve ball.  Eighteen issues in and I still can’t figure out what the end-game of the writers is.  That is why I love this issue and this series.