This week I learned that the main Batman series may go bi-monthly soon instead of monthly. While I don’t like this decision there are other Batman comics that will remain monthly. This week we have five comics. They are Poison Ivy, A Cycle of Life and Death #1, Grayson #16, We Are Robin #8, Black Canary #7, and Batman and Robin Eternal #17.

While I couldn’t get this book review out last week I got issue #1 of Poison Ivy, A Cycle of Life and Death now. This issue depicts a day in the life of Poison Ivy as she tries to get her normal life back. A lot of this first issue is set up to the story which will happen in the next five issues. I love the character development in this issue and I hope that the series will continue in this pattern. The problem I have with this comic is the ending was spoiled by the preview summary on-line.

Dick Grayson and a fellow ex-agent of Spyral start their assault on the evil organization which is Spyral. This issue has no clear indication of where it takes place in the timeline of all the Bat books but you can make a pretty good guess. We even see a parody of James Bond opening credit scenes through a few pages of the book. I also found that this issue was a lot easier to follow story-wise. Previously I had trouble following the story of Grayson due to its complex story-line.

I love the 8th issue of We Are Robin. This issue introduces a brand new bad guy that is trying to start a gang based on the Joker. The writing style of the author has improved dramatically since the first issue. I cannot wait for the next part of this already amazing story. That being said, I think it’s a bit late to put good quality into this series due to the fact that anyone who didn’t like the first couple of issues are probably already gone. To have a good story like this may not save this series.

Last month in Black Canary the writer ended the issue with a scene straight out of the X-Files. This month in Black Canary #7 they go full blown X-Files page for page. While I like the X-Files, the Black Canary character is not a very good character to explore these types of story-lines. This issue feels awkward and out of place. Unfortunately, I think the next couple of issues will follow this formula.

Lastly, in Batman and Robin Eternal #17, we learn a lot about how Batman tried to take down Mother six years ago and failed. This issue answered a lot of questions and provided a reason for the series to move on. This issue also acts as set-up for the final battle against Mother.