There would have been five comics today but I forgot that the Poison Ivy Comic was coming out this week. The four comics we are going to review this week are Batman #48, Batgirl #47, Robin Son of Batman #8, and Batman and Robin Eternal #16.

The story, Superheavy, comes into the home stretch with Batman #48. This issue contains Jim Gordon fighting a Godzilla-size Mr. Bloom. Batman #48 is pure action with a lot of character development for both Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon. This comic delivers everything we want from a Batman’s issue. The problem with having a ten month story, however, is people may get burned out. While I love the current story in Batman, I want to see the end soon but we are not going to get that until March.

Batgirl recruits Spoiler and Bluebird to help her break into the GCPD in Batgirl #47. There is not much I can say there was wrong with this issue. I’m even enjoying the artwork for this issue because the artwork fits the style of the story. In previous issues the artwork was too childish for the story but the writer I believe has adapted to the artist’s work.

Damion Wayne continues his quest for redemption in Robin Son of Batman #8. This issue continues the Indianna Jones feel that was throughout the first six issues. The unfortunate part is while it is a new story it is far from a good place for new readers to start. This issue acts as a first chapter to a second book in a series which is good for people who are reading the series currently but confusing for new readers.

Red Robin and the Red Hood continue their fight to free Azrael‘s mind. This issue ends the sub-plot that was started weeks ago. In my opinion, this issue was well thought out and well written. I have no idea if Azrael will be seen again but he could be due to the fact that he was popular during the ‘90’s. The problem that I have with this issue is we are reminded of the point leading up to the creation of the Red Hood for the umpteenth time.