Hello everyone, this week for comics we have a bit of a smorgasbord. Some stories will end and others will begin. This week we have six books to look at. They are Robin War #2, Catwoman #48, Batman/Superman #28, Red Hood/Arsenal #8, Gotham Academy #14, and Batman and Robin Eternal #15.

Robin War #2 ends the Robin War storyline that had issues from many different series to tell their story. Unfortunately the ending to this story is so complex and convoluted that I only understood half of what was going on. There could have been a much easier way to tell this story and have the same result. One of the biggest problems I have with this issue is the fact that there wasn’t a good explanation as to why the Court of Owls freed Lincoln March. This was a disappointing way to end a great story.

Selina Kyle is on the run from the law in Catwoman #48. This issue is your typical revenge story which we will probably see throughout this story arc. While we see the revenge story over and over again Catwoman #48 feels like it brings new ideas to the table but I can’t put my finger on what those are. The thing that bugs me is the way the artist drew a character. I can’t tell you who it is because that will ruin the story and I don’t want to do that.

In Batman/Superman #48, we get a tale from earlier in Batman’s and Superman’s careers. Batman and Superman have to investigate a dead giant on the moon. This is an interesting idea but an issue of Detective Comics did something very similar to this and I just see this issue as a copy of that earlier issue. I hope the writers can flesh out this story in a different way in a future issue but time will tell.

There are tons of heroes you can trust to rescue you. The Red Hood is not one of them! In Red Hood/Arsenal #8 the Red Hood has the unfortunate task of saving Arsenal and the Joker’s Daughter from an underground cult. At points in this story I can’t tell if the dialogue was meant to be taken seriously or not. This issue begins a new story in this series that I can’t even begin to predict how this will play out.

In another part of Gotham we take a walk on the lighter side as Olivia and Maps look through a scrap book and remember their previous year in school. This is done through a series of short stories that are funny in their own way. I love this issue. I found it a great way to flesh out some of the minor characters. I highly recommend you pick this issue up and read it for yourself.

Lastly, in Batman and Robin Eternal #15, Red Hood and Red Robin try to infiltrate the headquarters of the Order of Saint Dumas. In this issue we meet the head of the Order who Red Robin thought was dead. I feel that this issue was all set up for the next issue due to the fact that there was a lot of information but not much happening. We will find out next week.