Happy New Year, guys! 2016 is going to be a good year for us Batman fans. We will get a few movies that will have Batman in it whether it be live action or cartoon I’m sensing that they will be good. This week we only have 3 comics to review. They are, Detective Comics #48, Batman Beyond #8 and Batman and Robin Eternal #14.

First in Detective Comics #48 Jim Gordon has to investigate a murder of a guy who was dressed up like George Washington. You may think that the killer murdered his victim after a costume party but no the murderer dresses up his victims in historical costumes. Kind of weird if you ask me. This issue is a good start to a new story but when you deal with historical figures you need to provide a little history with them no matter how well known they are. I feel like this issue did not put enough of historical commentary in the story as I would have liked.

Next in Batman Beyond #8 Tim Drake has to search for a missing boy. Remember this series is set after a global horrific event that set all of the earth back about two hundred years. We learn in this issue that the boy is carrying a Green Lantern power ring. This is obviously foreshadowing but I don’t know if the author will follow through with this theme. This issue was a start to a new story in the series and in my opinion a stronger opening than the first story.

Lastly in Batman and Robin Eternal #14 Dick Grayson tries to escape Mother’s secret base before it goes up in nuclear fire. There are two different stories going on in this issue and unfortunately the escape the base story is not that interesting. The flashback is a lot more interesting. We learn that the villain, Scarecrow, is actually trying to take down Mother. Batman deals with Scarecrow in an unusual way which I find very interesting and would love for the authors to put more detail in this sub-plot.