Happy New Year, guys! This review will be short and sweet due to the fact that we have only two comics to look at. These two comics are Black Canary #6 and Batman and Robin Eternal #13. So let’s get started.

In Black Canary #6, the battle of the bands between Black Canary and her rival comes to an end with results you would only see in the X-Files. While I’m not going to tell you what the results were, I will say that I never saw it coming. I don’t know if this is the end of the first story in this series or if the series is going to act like a soap opera with every issue being another part of the same story. I’m eager to find out what they are going to do with this series.

Meanwhile, in Batman and Robin Eternal #13, Cassandra Cain infiltrates a base operated by Mother. This issue provides more of her origin story and also we get a bit of redemption for Batman. We learn that Cassandra Cain secretly worked with Batman seven years ago to take down Mother’s organization from the inside. The thing that puzzles me is why it has taken so long to take down this organization and still have no success. I hope Batman and Robin Eternal answers this question and not just uses it as background information.