Hey, guys, sorry about last week. I had problems with the post office and got last week’s comics this week. Also, initially I was going to include this week’s Teen Titans in this blog post but the part that tied into Robin War was only a couple of pages. This week we are reviewing We Are Robin #7, Robin, Son of Batman #7, Batgirl #46, Gotham By Midnight #12, and Batman and Robin Eternal #11 and #12.

In part 4 of Robin War we have to read We Are Robin #7, since this is the fourth part of a story I am not doing any recap for you guys. While this issue was necessary to set up the future events of Robin War most of this issue was just a single scene. The writers could have made this scene a lot shorter and put in a lot more character development. Overall this issue is mandatory to understand the story of Robin War but it could have been written a lot better.

In Robin Son of Batman, however, we have a lot more character development for all of the main characters. Part 5 of Robin War felt well written and gave the reader a reason to continue on to the last part of the story which continues next month in Robin War #2. The only problem I have with this book is they have reintroduced a character last seen being buried alive by the Court of Owls.

Meanwhile in Batgirl #46, Batgirl decides to try to convince a young man who is part of a gang to leave the gang and go back home. The great part of this issue was the sub-plot continuing the story of Spoiler from a previous issue of Catwoman. In my opinion, Spoiler’s story is going to be continued with being told through sub-plots for a while. This is a great issue for Batgirl fans and I highly recommend picking this up.

In Gotham’s final hour Jim Corrigan has to admit the sins of humanity in this last issue of Gotham By Midnight. Overall, this was a great finale to the story but it had a few problems. In previous issues this series had no problem killing off characters. With hordes of demons trying to get into Gotham, you would think someone would die or at least sacrifice themselves. I just feel that there was a set-up for someone to sacrifice themselves but didn’t happen. While this was a good finale, the writers wrote an artificial happy ending.

Last week’s issue of Batman and Robin Eternal #11’s late arrival worked out well since I can now review Batman and Robin Eternal #12 also. These two issues provided a partial origin story for the villain, Mother. In issue #11, we see why Cassandra Cain acts the way she does, while in issue #12, we get to learn how Batman was involved with Mother. Batman and Robin Eternal is painting Batman a bad guy for reasons I don’t understand although I am going to still give Batman the benefit of the doubt until the final issue.