This week is the second part of the Robin War Event but there is so much more going on in Gotham than the Robin War. This week we have eight comics to review. These eight comics are: Batman #47, Catwoman #47, Batman/Superman #27, Grayson #15, Detective Comics #47, Gotham Academy #12, Red Hood/Arsenal #7, and Batman and Robin Eternal #10.

We begin with Batman #47, where Jim Gordon fights and captures Mr. Bloom to only find out that there are many Mr. Blooms. Also in this issue we see Bruce Wayne just beginning to get his memories of being Batman back. Overall a great chapter in the Jim Gordon/Batman story arc. I know this story is going to go one until at least March but I don’t see Bruce Wayne becoming Batman again until much later but I could be wrong.

After retiring from the crime boss profession, Selina Kyle gets hired to go on the ultimate heist in Catwoman #47. This issue begins a new story for Catwoman with her being back in the role of a thief rather than a head of a crime organization. A lot of people would like this issue due to the fact that it is a classic way of telling a Catwoman story. This issue is all set up for a bigger story and usually I would complain about it but the first issue of a story is the best time to make a set-up issue.

Next month will begin the Superman storyline Savage Dawn. While this issue acts as a prologue to the event, future issues of Batman/Superman will not be part of Savage Dawn. Batman/Superman #27 focuses on two things, one being the first battle against Vandal Savage and two, Superman comparing Jim Gordon to Bruce Wayne. This issue is very interesting and gives us glimpses of how Superman really feels about Jim Gordon being Batman.

The second chapter of Robin War is all about the official people who are Robin training the street kids that want to be Robin in Grayson #15. This issue was very interesting as it shows how badly the situation in Gotham is with the police arresting every kid between the ages of 11 and 17. As we move into Detective Comics #47, we learn that Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock are trying to figure out why the police are bringing in a lot of kids. Detective Comics #47 is also when one of the Bat Family learns Jim Gordon’s secret. These two issues are great chapters in the Robin War story and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Olivia and Maps investigate a strange creature while dealing with the fact that they have learned that one of their classmates is part of We Are Robin. Gotham Academy #12 is a tie-in to the Robin War Event but does not focus on Robin War at all. I wish this book was more focused on Robin War due to the fact that we were told that it was going to be a major part of the event and set the stage for future issues of Gotham Academy.

Next we have Arsenal and the Joker’s Daughter fighting a circus in Red Hood/Arsenal #7. This is another tie-in to the Robin War Event but unlike Gotham Academy the few pages that connect it to Robin War matter more. While the fight with the circus goes on we get to see how the Red Hood becomes involved with the events of Robin War. We also get some really good dialogue between Red Hood and Red Robin.

Lastly, in Batman and Robin Eternal #10, Red Hood and Red Robin have to fight Azrael and try to escape the Order of Saint Durmas. Most of this issue is just one fight scene with Azrael. We also get flashbacks that reinforce the ideal that Batman was under the villain Mother’s control for a while. We also learn that the Order of Saint Durmas works with Mother as part of a larger organization. With every issue of Batman and Robin Eternal, it makes me eager to read the next issue and this issue is no exception.