This month the epic crossover event Robin War begins. To start the story off DC has released a two comic series called Robin War. These two comics will act as the prologue and epilogue respectively. With that being said let’s list off the books that came out this week. These books that I will be reviewing are: Robin War #1, Batman Beyond #7, Gotham Academy #11, Gotham by Midnight #11, and Batman and Robin Eternal #9.

First in Robin War #1, after one of the Robins from We Are Robin goes trigger happy, the police of Gotham start to arrest any teenager that they suspect of being part of We Are Robin. This beginning issue was a great way to show where all the characters are and what they will bring to the story. The secret society of the Court of Owls is behind the chaos in Gotham and what you learn about their plans makes you want to read the next part. Next week we will have the next two chapters of Robin War.

After defeating Brother Eye, Tim Drake is stuck in the future and tries to bring justice back to Gotham in Batman Beyond #7. There is both good and bad in this issue. The good part of this issue is we get a reference to Derek Powers, who was the main antagonist in the original Batman Beyond cartoon in the late ‘90’s. The thing that annoyed the most, however, was the fact that the world that the characters are in does not feel like they have just had a massive war. Gotham felt like there was never any war and the people who are not part of the main cast acted the same.

Back in the present, Olivia and her friends explore Arkham Asylum in hopes of finding their werewolf friend in Gotham Academy #11. I don’t remember much about this issue because the writing wasn’t very good in my opinion and there wasn’t much story development. We do, however, get a cameo from Hugo Strange who is a Batman villain. Unfortunately since September 2011 Hugo Strange has only been in a few issues and has not really done anything super villainy. In my honest opinion, I think you can skip this issue and read it when it comes out in a trade paperback with other issues.

Ghosts, ghouls and demons all break out of hell and haunt Gotham in Gotham by Midnight #11. This issue is all about setting up for the final issue of this series. There is not much going on other than showing the reader how bad the infestation of evil is. One member of Jim Corrigan’s team died but he is one of the characters that barely had any development at all so you don’t care that he died.

For people who have read Batman in the ‘90’s, Batman and Robin Eternal #9 will bring up a lot of memories.  Red Hood and Red Robin team up with the villain, Bane, to infiltrate the Order of St. Dumas. This results in an old character returning to the Batman franchise after years of absence. Meanwhile we have a flash-back where Batman asks Mother to provide him with a wife. Instead of a wife, Mother offers Batman a new Robin. This may point to the Red Hood being the traitor as he was the second Robin but I’m thinking this is misdirection. This story gets more interesting every issue and I can’t wait for what the author’s do with this series.