With one week until Robin War, the final pieces of the puzzle align up. We have four books to review this week and they are: Grayson #14, Robin, Son of Batman #6,We are Robin #6, and finally we will look at Batman and Robin Eternal #8. All of these books lay out the groundwork for something bigger which we may not see for a couple of months.

In Grayson #14, we learn the true Masters behind the evil organization called Spiral which Dick Grayson has been undercover infiltrating them. In this issue there is two stories going on at once, one is Dick Grayson trying to get information on Spiral and the second is finding who is really behind Spiral. Unfortunately only one of these stories was interesting and it was not the one with the main character. The story behind the Masters of Spiral was interesting but so confusing I had to do a bit of guess work as to what they were talking about. In my opinion I think this issue would be better read once it is released with other issues in a graphic novel form.

Puppies are cute so would a demon puppy be cute as well. The answer is yes it is. In Robin, Son of Batman #6 we learn the origins of Damion’s pet demon Goliath and it is so adorable. We also see Damion go through a major character change in this issue with him realizing that if he is the son of Batman, he has to adapt Batman’s methods fully. This is a set-up to the Robin War Event in December where Damion will be one of the main characters. I can’t wait for what Damion brings to this up-coming story.

The next book we have to look at is We Are Robin #6 in which we see our heroes being absolutely pummelled by a new bad guy which is the giant Talon from the last issue. There is not much character development in this issue and by reading it, I feel that the writers never intended much character development. In my opinion, this issue is just to transition the characters from their origin story to the Robin War Event. The thing is, the characters in this book have enough character development to go into a cross-over event.

Lastly, in Batman and Robin Eternal #8, half the Bat family battles an entire ballet. While this insanity goes on, Dick Grayson finally meets up with the woman that is known as “Mother”. In this issue Mother tells Dick Grayson that Batman was wrapped around her finger and one of the Robins is a sleeper agent for her, also known as a Manchurian Candidate. This is interesting to find out and I wonder which Robin will be the agent for Mother. We already have seen Red Robin looking suspicious but I think this may be a red herring.