This week I only have Batman and Robin Eternal #7 to review. This week would have been extremely easy to miss had it not been for the fact that I cannot play the newest Star Wars game, Star Wars Battle front. Looks like I need a new video card. At least I still have Batman to look forward to every week.

In Batman and Robin Eternal #7, the Bat family goes under-cover in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. This issue had a ton of character development and a long flash-back where we see Bruce Wayne as just Bruce Wayne and not Batman. Since September 2011, DC comics have been focusing more on Bruce Wayne as Batman rather than Bruce Wayne as a person and this is a welcome change. Another great thing this issue does is provide great character development for Cassandra Cain, who is mute. It is extremely hard to bring character development to a character like this but the writers have done a great job in my opinion.