With the game Fallout released on Tuesday, it was hard to remember that I had my Blog duties. I had this new game for only two and a half days and already put 16 hours into it. This week we have seven books on the cutting board. They are Batman #46, Batman/Superman #26, Catwoman #46, Batman Beyond #6, Red Hood/Arsenal #6, and Batman and Robin Eternal # 5 and #6.

In Batman #46, Mr. Bloom attacks City Hall and kills a few people before Jim Gordon could chase him away. This issue puts Jim Gordon in a position where he has to tell his boss that he is going to do Batman his way from now on. This shows great character development and set the stage for a potential Jim Gordon/Batman working on his own and not for the government. We do get a few scenes with Bruce Wayne and his girlfriend. They are mostly for romantic character development of the couple and I can’t say much else.

Superman and the Bat Family has to set up an attack plan against Vandal Savage. This issue shows that without his powers, people are not trusting Superman. This is great for Superman’s character development because before he lost his powers very few people distrusted him. We also see Jim Gordon/Batman team up with the Bat Family for the first time in this issue. The entire point of this issue was to set up for the battle against Vandal Savage and this issue did that very well.

In Catwoman #46, Selina Kyle has to stop her former apprentice from killing gang leaders. This issue ends the Catwoman story arc where she is the leader of a crime family. Overall it was a great conclusion to the story with a few problems here and there. The biggest issue I had is her former apprentice does not seem redeemable at all. I just can’t see how there could be a way to redeem her. When a good guy turns into a villain should always be a way for redemption and I did not see it in this issue.

The war for the future reaches its conclusion in Batman Beyond #6. I don’t know if I like this issue or not. It was a great conclusion to the current story line that started all the way back a year and a half ago with Future’s End #0 but the series is still going to be going on and I just don’t see the point. All throughout this issue we saw one big battle scene between the humans and the robots. This would a great way to end it with the humans winning and the future looking bright. However, the author is deciding to write more stories after this and I just can’t see why.

In Red Hood/Arsenal #6, the Joker’s Daughter pretends to kill Arsenal in order to lure bad guys out in order to capture them and thus be hired by the Red Hood. That is the most messed up way to get a job. This issue was weird to read and I felt awkward enjoying it. I believe the writer of this series has just completely lost it. This issue is also set up for the Robin War Event in December.

Now for Batman and Robin Eternal. I am going to give you my thoughts and both issue 5 and issue 6 at once. In issue 5, we learn two things. One, Red Robin has told his parents to tell others that he is dead and two, Harper Rowe is genetically engineered. Both revelations will make for good story telling in the future and I can’t wait to see how they develop. In issue 6, we mostly get a flash-back issue of one of the early Batman and Robin missions when Dick Grayson was Robin. This issue provided a lot of background information about the enemies but I felt like I am still wandering in the dark.