Hey guys, my store did not get this week’s Batman and Robin Eternal so you are going to have to wait another week. This week we have two comics, Detective Comics #46 and Bat-Mite #6 which is the final issue.

In Detective Comics #46, Jim Gordon helps the Justice League investigate an Alien homicide scene. This issue showcases two aspects of Jim Gordon as a detective and as a father. I’m going to be honest, this issue made me tear-up. If you don’t want spoilers for the ending skip to the next paragraph. Jim Gordon and the Justice League find an alien toddler staying near the skeletal remains of its dead mother. While the Justice League goes to another crime scene, Jim Gordon stays behind to sing the baby the lullaby “Hush, Little Baby”.

Meanwhile in Bat-Mite #6, Bat-Mite decides it is a good idea to make National Landmarks into an amusement park rides with his 5th dimensional powers. This issue makes fun of American politics by mocking all the current candidates running for president even Donald Trump. At one point Bat-Mite gets captured and tortured by using the original Star Trek pilot. I don’t know if that is considered torture but it was for him. This last issue was hilarious and a good ending to the series.