This week it is all about family and loved ones. The problem is that half of them are dead, pretended to be dead, or resurrected. Happy Halloween everyone! This week on the chopping block we have Batgirl #45, Grayson #13, We Are Robin #5, Gotham by Midnight #10, Robin, Son of Batman #5, and Batman and Robin Eternal #4.

When you attend your friend’s wedding, you don’t expect that one of your ex-boyfriends shows up. In Batgirl #45 Barbara Gordon encounters Dick Grayson trying to exchange intel at her friend’s wedding. This issue is well written but there is one piece of dialogue that bugs me. Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon were a couple in the past but Dick Grayson is a lady’s man and has had multiple relationships with other heroes. When Dick Grayson tells Barbara Gordon that she has always been the only one, I feel that the writers are showing him as a playboy whereas I have always felt he was an honest character.

In Grayson #13, Dick Grayson almost blows his cover to Spiral while he has been learning about a woman that has been watching him all his life. This issue introduces something new to the Batman mythos. The story introduces the concept in a very natural and believable way. Like the Court of Owls this woman felt like she could be in the Batman history for a long time and never really surfaced until now. I’m very interested in where this storyline goes and how it will connect to the bigger Batman story.

As Robin War approaches we get to see the first appearance of one of the bad guys in We Are Robin #5. The thing is that the coolest part of this issue, the other seventeen pages were just a soap opera with teenagers. The team of Robins start to fight among themselves after the death of a comrade. We have seen this a few months ago in Gotham by Midnight. To see the same situation this soon in another book is underwhelming. This whole series is like Russian roulette. Where the bullet is will be the good issue and the other five issues are empty chambers.

Do you a want a twenty page car chase in a series about paranormal activity? That answer is no. If you answered yes to that question, please go see a doctor! In Gotham by Midnight #10 seventy percent of this story is a car chase with bad dialogue and no character development. The thing is, the last issue was great and I could seriously see a story being built and then this issue came along! I can sum this entire issue in one sentence. Jim Corrigan and his partner run away from the cops after an accident. That’s it.

Damion Wayne fights his newly resurrected Mother in Robin, Son of Batman #5. While this issue did not do much in terms of story progression, it set up a ton of potential story lines. We learn that Damion Wayne has a bunch of failed clones of himself that he takes care of. The clones were made by his Mother, Talia. While there is a long fight scene in the middle, the fight scene provided some great character development and set up for other stories.

The gang of We Are Robin and the Bat Family accidently join forces to protect Bruce Wayne in Batman and Robin Eternal #4. This issue along with Grayson #13 informs us that Red Robin has been taking the place of Alfred as dispatcher of information to the Bat Family. The story this week was action-packed and had the right amount of dialogue. While not the best issue, the story provided twenty pages of good quality entertainment and I look forward to what the following issues have to offer.