This week everything is in chaos, kind of. We have the Bat Family joining forces with the evil organization, Spiral. We have a deadly battle of the bands, this is when there is a concert with two or more bands playing at the same time for the attention of the audience. We also see a mother/daughter reunion from the pits of hell. So put on your nicest bullet-proof vest, you’re going to need it.

First we have Batman and Robin Eternal #3, in which the Bat Family is still being hunted down by Mother. Dick Grayson has no choice but to involve Spiral and blow his cover. For those who don’t know, Dick Grayson was working as a mole for Batman in Spiral’s organization. In this issue the Bat Family gets to interact with Cassandra Cain, this is a one-sided conversation since Cassandra can’t talk. This chapter was well written and toned down the action for some great character development.

In Black Canary #5, Delilah Drake has to deal with her ex-husband who doesn’t remember their marriage and a rival singer that somehow got her super powers. This issue could have been told in half as many pages, there was too much dialogue and most of it was unnecessary. The biggest problem I have with this issue is the fact instead of focusing on Delilah Drake, the author decided to put more time into her band mates. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if we cared about them but as useful as extras in a horror movie.

Olivia goes on a field trip to Gotham in hopes of meeting her mother, but in Gotham Academy #11 her mother tries to kill her. In this issue we get a guest appearance from Red Robin and he has a lot of interaction with the character, Maps. The great thing about this issue is it provides a bit of a connection between this series and the rest of the Bat Family books. Red Robin believes that Maps is one of the Robins from We Are Robin, this conversation is exactly what you would expect from both characters. I’m not sure if this is a set-up issue for the storyline, Robin War, but it works well if it is.