This week we have something for everyone. There is lots of action this week with some comedy and drama. We will be reviewing six books today. These include the following: Batman and Robin Eternal #2, Batman #45, Batman/Superman #25, Catwoman #45, Red Hood/Arsenal #5, and Bat-Mite #5. This is going to be a long one so get your popcorn and a drink.

As Harper Row lies dying in her apartment, the entire Bat Family tries to figure out who is after them. The second issue of Batman and Robin Eternal picks up where the first issue left off. The great thing about this issue is it gives you a lot of action and gives us flash-backs to when Dick Grayson was Robin. I find this series is a lot like the TV show Arrow with all the flash-backs. The quality of the flash-backs is much better than in the first issue. This series is just two issues in and I already love it.

In Batman #45, Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne do a lot of contemplating about their current role in society. Jim Gordon has to deal with the chance of being fired from being Batman. This issue highlights some good points about why superheroes should not be tied to the government or an organization. We don’t get much action in this issue but we get a ton of character development from Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon.

Superman goes on a hunt for an enemy that is immortal in Batman/Superman #25. The thing that makes this issue unique is instead of teaming up with Batman, he teams up with Batgirl. Batgirl in this issue acts more like the Batgirl we all like than the Batgirl in her own comic. She shows the reader her intelligence in few words and some very good artwork. Four issues ago we saw a unique team-up of Superman and Jim Gordon, now with this team-up with Batgirl we get to see something new that I have never seen before.

Selina Kyle goes head-hunting for the crime lord, Black Mask in Catwoman #45. After the death of her apprentice’s father, Selina’s world starts to fall apart. This conflict can result in great story lines but I’m not entirely sure where the author is going with this book. One issue it seems like Selina wants to give up being Catwoman altogether and be a crime boss of her own. The next issue you see Selina Kyle totally embrace Catwoman and all that she stands for. I just don’t know where this story is going.

Red Hood and Arsenal has to team up with the new Batman to take down a giant blob in Red Hood/Arsenal #5. This series continues with the comedy but adds more serious moments as the story goes on. Like I said in past reviews, this feels like a cheesy dumb action movie and I love every bit of it.

When you have a name like the Inferior Five, you know your team sucks. In Bat-Mite #5, Bat-Mite has to team up with this band of misfits to take on a super villain. Unfortunately, I did not find this issue as funny as the last four issues. The thing is, the set-up to all the jokes were there but I didn’t see many punch lines. I don’t know if I am getting bored with this series already but this one was forgettable.