It is finally here! The sequel to Batman Eternal, Batman and Robin Eternal provides us with another twenty-six weeks of an epic Batman storyline. A long with Batman and Robin Eternal #1 I will also be reviewing Detective Comics #45 and Batman Beyond #5.

Don’t you hate it when a group of assassins tried to kill your entire family right after a reunion? If you are like most people this will never happen to you. Unfortunately, Dick Grayson and the Bat Family has to deal with this exact event. Unlike the first issue of Batman Eternal, Batman and Robin Eternal gets a double size first issue. This allows writers to fully develop the beginning of the story without being restricted by the page count. This first issue feels just like a Bond movie and I love every second of it.

The Justice League tries to get Bruce Wayne to help them again, unfortunately they have to make do with Jim Gordon in Detective Comics #45. The thing I like about this issue is how the Justice League shows their feeling towards the Bruce Wayne that used to be. The part I did not like, however, was having Jim Gordon only appear for the last third of the book. While this story was written well, I would have preferred to have half the book about Bruce Wayne and then the other half of the book about Jim Gordon.

Tim Drake has to use Jim Gordon’s bat-suit in the future to fight off robots in Batman Beyond #5. This issue was just one giant action scene and it works. The thing that this issue does really well is demonstrate the robotic bat-suit in its full function. We have not seen this yet. We only have seen one or two of the robotic bat-suits functions at a time. Story-wise though, it is not memorable and all I can remember is the action scenes.