This week we have some annuals to review. For people who don’t know, annuals are a special comic that a publisher uses to get one extra issue in a year. Sometimes they are part of an ongoing story or their own story. This week we will review Batman Annual #4 and Grayson Annual #2.

With Bruce Wayne having his memories gone, a trip to Wayne Manor should bring back some of his old memories but this doesn’t happen in Batman Annual #4. In this issue we take the focus off of Batman and Jim Gordon and just focus on Bruce Wayne in his current mental state. The thing I like about Bruce Wayne now is that he acts more like an everyday man rather than a playboy billionaire with a secret identity. We get to see this version of Bruce Wayne handle a crisis in a way that the former Bruce Wayne would have never done.

Dick Grayson has to team up with Superman to take down a gang of thugs in Grayson Annual #2. Unlike the first annual this issue didn’t put me to sleep. I’m not sure if Dick Grayson and Superman have ever teamed up before without Batman but this team-up was awesome. This team acted the way you would see an uncle and nephew working together if they got along really well. The depowered Superman works well in this story due to the obstacle that the team faced. There would have been no way to tell this story with Superman at full power.