With Gotham Season 2 already started, we look to the comic books for more Batman oriented stories. It’s the final two week before Batman and Robin Eternal and all the books are preparing for this six months event. The four books we are looking at today are:   Grayson #12, Batgirl #44, Gotham by Midnight #9, and We Are Robin #4.

In Grayson #12, Dick Grayson reunites with the Bat Family after pretending to be dead for a year. With Bruce Wayne suffering from amnesia, Dick Grayson cannot tell Bruce what he learned from Spiral. This issue serves as an analogy for when your family learns a secret that you have been hiding for a while. The reason I say this is when the other member of the Bat Family find out that Dick is alive they are furious that he didn’t tell them sooner.

It’s Batgirl vs the Tigress in Batgirl #44. This issue tries to do two things: 1) give new readers an introduction to the Tigress, and 2) sets up a romantic relationship between Barbara Gordon and Luke Fox. I don’t know how well established a villain Tigress is. This is one of the few times I have seen her in the comics. The only other time was last month. As for the relationship between Barbara and Luke, I’m sitting here shaking my head and asking why on earth are they doing this and for what purpose? If this love interest goes the same way as Barbara’s last three boyfriends then Luke will be either dead or hospitalized within six issues.

When Jim Corrigan is investigated by the GCPD, the Midnight Watch is at risk of being disbanded. This issue is one big interrogation scene. There are some breaks where you see something other than an interrogation scene but not many at all. What the writer tried to do, in my opinion, was a copy of a CSI show. In all honesty the dialogue in the interrogation was great. It was well thought out and made a lot of sense. The big issue I had was the amount of time the writer spends on the interrogation scene and it drag on a bit too much.

After a great third issue We Are Robin goes back to being a poorly written story. We are introduced to a female Robin whose name I can’t remember because I don’t care. I’m not interested in her character development. The only good scenes in this comic book were the scenes with Batgirl talking to this little girl. The scene that totally outrages me was the panel depicting a possible rape scene of the thirteen year old Robin. This is due to the artists positioning of the characters. This comic has teen readers that are looking to escape reality. Whether the writer and artist intended this to be a potential rape is irrelevant. I am infuriated that this series would do this.