This week we get a fight between Robin and Deathstroke and we also get a look at what would happen if a person like Brittany Spears turns to a super villain. The two issues that we are looking at are: Robin, Son of Batman #4 and Black Canary #4.

Let me start out by saying I only have seen Robin and Deathstroke in the cartoon movie Son of Batman so I don’t know a lot about their rivalry. Robin, Son of Batman #4 continues Damion Wayne’s quest for redemption. Unlike the last 3 issues this issue doesn’t feel like the artist was on drugs. This issue had great dialogue with a lot of character development and a well paced story. The one bad part about this story is we don’t see the fight between Robin and Deathstroke until the last half of the book. You may think what’s the big deal? The thing is the cover of this issue promised the read the fight between two trained assassins and delivered it half way through the story.

In Black Canary #4 we see how crazy a celebrity can get when they’re wronged. Trust me it’s not pretty. Black Canary is on a mission to find the little girl that she is supposed to be protecting but turns out the little girl is missing. This issue focuses a lot on the new villain’s, Bo Maeve, origin. The origin that the writers made up for this new villain is forgettable to say the least. Although I think this villain could be written well in the future and does show potential.