With kids going back to school most people don’t even think about comics but I do. This week we have five books on the docket. These are Batman #44, Batman/Superman #24, Catwoman #44, Gotham Acadamy # 10, and Red Hood/Arsenal #4.

Batman #44 deals with Mr. Bloom’s origin while having a flashback around five years before the previous issues. The major problem with this issue is it is obviously politically motivated. The focus of this issue is police brutality against African Americans but the message is going to the wrong audience. It is a great message, don’t get me wrong, but a comic book is the worst place to show political views. To put this in perspective, one comic book may only reach 100,000 people in the U.S. There are millions of people in the U.S. and a not even 1% will get this message. The plot is over-shadowed by this message.

We get the fight of the year in Batman/Superman #24 where Batman and Superman have to fight Aquaman? Let’s be honest. No one wanted to see this fight. Is it entertaining? Yes, it is. The story is about two sides fighting for what they believe is right and misunderstanding that everyone is on the same team. While this has been done before, we have never seen this done with Jim Gordon as Batman. Jim Gordon reacts vastly different than Bruce Wayne. This issue shows character growth in Batman and Superman while setting up for the next story line.

After Selina Kyle’s apprentice almost gets killed, Selina has to rethink her position in Gotham. Catwoman #44 is another chapter in the long story line of crime boss Selina Kyle. The thing is ever since issue #35 we haven’t really gotten any other story line except this one. While this story line gets better with each issue, I’m waiting for a new story line for Selina Kyle.

The Gotham Acadamy turns Scooby Doo like in Gotham Acadamy #10. In this issue the gang is tackling the MacBeth curse. For those who don’t know what the MacBeth curse is to never mention the name “MacBeth” while on stage except if you are actively rehearsing or performing that play. This issue is packed with fun and very much like an episode of Scooby Doo. This series has something completely different in every issue. If you like that in a book, pick up Gotham Acadamy.

In the fourth issue of Red Hood and Arsenal the duo has to fight against the new Batman and super powered female blob. This issue dials down the comedy just a bit to provide some character development for both Jason Todd and Roy Harper. I don’t mind a serious issue now and again but at least they kept some of the humour.