From the future to the present we explore Gotham this week in four different perspectives. We will review the following comics this week: Detective Comics #44, Batman Beyond #4, Gotham by Midnight #9, and Bat-Mite #4.

We begin in Detective Comics #44 where Harvey Bullock’s story ends with a giant Joker robot and an assassination attempt at the circus. For the past three issues Harvey Bullock has been dealing with a corrupted partner. In this issue we learn that his partner sees the error in her ways and informs Harvey about the assassination attempt at the circus. While this issue was a good conclusion to this story I don’t know if these four issues will be remembered for anything. I don’t know if there is anything in these four issues that will be referenced in future stories.

In the future Brother Eye’s army attacks Gotham while Batman Beyond and other heroes try to defend the city. We are four issues into this series and it’s just now getting good. This issue was written very well and no one said anything stupid for once. On the other hand, we now learn that there was a cloak protecting Gotham from detection. That would have been handy to learn when the robots kidnapped Batman for directions.   Still, if a city is cloaked by technology that does not mean the location has changed. Google maps would still work in this situation.

Televised news broadcasts are one of mankind’s greatest inventions but no one thought about what if evil spirits take over the newscast. In Gotham by Midnight #9, Jim Corrigan has to deal with a newscast that turns people violent on the street. They must be watching Fox news. This issue displays a lot of back-stabbing within the Midnight Watch with Jim Corrigan being the target. This series keeps getting better and better. At the beginning of this series I was bored and confused but now I am excited for the next issue.

The fourth of issue of Bat-Mite has him teaming up the time-travelling hero, Booster Gold. The pair has to deal with a villain called Gridlock and by dealing with him I mean breaking into his house. The whole story is filled with jokes but I did not laugh as hard as I did with the previous issues. Since Booster Gold is in this issue, I’m going to share my thought on his status in the DC universe. After Just League International, Booster Gold has only appeared in special effects comics. We get the next chapter of his story once or twice a year. I’m sick of it. Either end his story or give him his own series. I don’t to wait a year for the next chapter of his story.