With only one month and a bit until Batman and Robin Eternal begins, the pieces of the game are starting to line up. This week we will be looking at Grayson #11, Batgirl #43, and We Are Robin #3.

We begin this week with Grayson #11 in which Dick has to deal with someone disguised as himself. This issue puts all Dick Grayson’s inner demons out on the table. This serves as a recap and as a setup to Batman and Robin Eternal in which he’ll be one of the main characters. In my opinion, the next story ark in this series will directly lead into the new weekly series and probably end the Grayson comic shortly thereafter. Will Dick Grayson ever return to be Nightwing? I doubt it.

In Batgirl #43, Batgirl has to deal with someone sending tigers to murder people. I, for one, have the fear of being eaten alive as do most humans. This issue could have been uncomfortable but thankfully the writers wrote this comic in a way was a tiny bit comedic. The other part of this story was Batgirl’s friend trying to be a hero, a super hero, when she puts herself in danger. This issue begins a new story ark that I can see going on for one or two more issues. The bonus we get in this issue is we find out what Luke Fox (Batwing) has been up to since Batman Eternal.

The last book we have this week is We Are Robin #3.   If you want ten out of twenty pages trying to disarm a single bomb, then this is the book for you. No seriously, they spend ten pages disarming a bomb! I just can’t believe any writer would spend ten pages talking about disarming a bomb. To put that in perspective, a twenty page comic is roughly 20 minutes of a TV show. How would you like an episode of a TV show where they drag out a three minute scene to ten minutes? I’m being generous at 3 minutes. Really this should only take about two minutes. Do not get this issue. It is a waste of money.

Two of the books were great stories. I wish We Are Robin could become a better story because I like the concept.