This week we have Robin fighting the child of a super villain and Black Canary learning more about her powers. Before we begin the reviews I just want to mention my thoughts on the current story in the Justice League comic. I am having difficulty in fitting this story into the time line of other DC comics. With that being said, in October Detective Comics #45 will start a Justice League story with the current versions of DC Heroes. Hopefully that story will give us some answers. Now to get on with the review.

First comic we have today is Robin, Son of Batman #3. In this issue Damian has to battle the daughter of a super villain. I can’t remember her name. The thing that made this issue for me was actually the end. Damian’s mother Talia gets resurrected via the Lazarus Pits. This opens a lot of stories for Damian. The last time Damian saw his mother she was trying to kill him and succeeded. A wonder what the future relationship between Talia and Damian will be like.

In our next and final comic, we have a car chase scene for the first half of the comic. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Black Canary #3. You could easily skip the first half of this book. The thing that saves this book is the revelation in the second half of the story. This comic could have been organized a lot better.

These two books are worth picking up if you already have the first two issues of this series. If this is your first time with these series, wait six months until the trade paperbacks come out.