I often ask myself why I’m doing this blog. I know that about twenty people read this but I don’t care. I’m doing this blog for my own sanity. So if I stop this blog for a long time, could you check the Calgary mental hospital for you and send some cheeseburgers. This week we have five books to look at. The books on the cutting block this week are Batman #43, Batman/Superman #23, Catwoman #43, Gotham Academy #9, and Red Hood/Arsenal #3. Let the games begin.

In Batman #43, we learn that Bruce Wayne is indeed alive but due to amnesia he believes that he is not or ever was Batman. In this issue we get a cameo from Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman. This cameo is used to explain Bruce’s amnesia. Meanwhile, Jim Gordon learns about a new villain called Mr. Bloom. Mr. Bloom has obvious inspiration from the internet myth of the Slender Man. Whether this on purpose or not, I can’t tell you but I can tell you that I like Mr. Bloom’s design. This issue keeps the story at a good pace and is another good chapter in the Batman series.

Meanwhile, in Superman/Batman #23, Superman continues his fight with the people deep underground Gotham. As this is happening, Jim Gordon/Batman is trying to get as much information on Clark Kent as he possibly can. In this issue, there are two distinct stories going on at the same time. Unlike the last two issues, Superman and Batman are not working together which is weird because this is the first issue that they have not. You may be asking yourself, Superman and Batman have not worked together in previous issues of this series but they were forced to. In this issue they willingly are doing their own thing.

Everyone is after Selina Kyle in Catwoman #43. When I mean everyone, I mean every criminal in Gotham’s underworld is out to get her in this issue. I loved this issue because Selina does not figure this out until the very end. It’s not that she is oblivious to it, no one attacks her until that latter half of the book. Also in this book, she meets Bruce Wayne and the new Batman connecting her story with the main Batman story. If this series keeps going like this issue then I think the Catwoman series can be back in favour with a lot of people. I was worried for a while that this series may get cancelled.

Learning that your own mother was a super villain definitely counts as a bad day, right? In Gotham Academy #9, Olivia* learns exactly that while having to deal with a werewolf. While this issue was well written, I’m getting the feeling that the writer’s don’t have a clue what kind of book they want to be writing. One issue is just a teenage drama then another issue is a mystery. The writer needs to determine the direction of this series otherwise I don’t see it lasting much longer.

Some friends will give their life for you, other friends like Roy Harper turns you to a mercenary for hire without you knowing it. In Red Hood/Arenal #3, we are introduced to the website “Rent-a-Bat”. This series keeps up the comedy with the Red Hood getting into trouble because of Roy Harper’s website. All throughout this book there are jokes that are really funny and moments that make you want to punch Roy in the face. Pick up this book if you like an action comedy.

All of these books were great. They had something for everyone. If you can’t find something in these books for you, you really should not be reading superhero comics.