This week we have stories from the future, the present, and one story where I have no idea where it fits in the time line. All in all, this was a good week for Batman stories. Today we’ll be looking at Detective Comics #43, Batman Beyond #3, and Bat-Mite #3.

Harvey Bullock learns that his partner is corrupt in Detective Comics #43. This issue was great at showing that the events of Batman Eternal were still being felt throughout Gotham. We learn that the Falcone crime family is still a threat. The problem I have with this issue is one scene where Harvey Bullock asks Jim Gordon/Batman to kill his partner after learning that she is corrupted. I know Harvey Bullock used to be corrupt back in the day but it just doesn’t feel right that he would stoop this low to end the current corruption. All in all the book is another great chapter in this Harvey Bullock story. Next month will be the last chapter in this story line and I can’t wait to see how they wrap it up.

Tim Drake tries to escape from Brother Eye’s forces in Batman Beyond #3. We return to the apocalyptic future of who knows when. After a good second issue we go back to a badly written story line that does not make a lick of sense to me. The biggest issue that I have with this story line is the bad guys are trying to learn where Gotham is located. Yes, you read that right. The machines are trying to find a city that’s been there for over a hundred years and this is why they kidnap Batman to find out where it is. I would be okay if the book tells you that Gotham was relocated but it didn’t. Google is smarter than these robots.

Lastly, Bat-Mite has to save the boy wonder, Robin, in Bat-Mite #3. The comedy continues is this issue as Bat-Mite learns that Robin is in danger and he has to fight a B-grade villain. Seriously, he is so B-grade that I can’t even remember his name. The jokes in this issue mostly focus on Bat-Mite and Robin not working together at all. At one point, Bat-Mite and Robin have an argument and completely ignore the villain in the process. If you already like this series, then each issue keeps delivering on the comedy and if you haven’t picked this series up, do yourself a favour and pick up just one issue to see for yourself if this is the type of comedy you like.

This week had only one or two things wrong with the stories and if you can get over these issues, you will enjoy these comics. If a robot tries to take over our world without knowing where anything is, it will be a short take-over with business going back to usual the following Monday.