There were going to be three books this week but the Batgirl Annual was sold out, so let’s look at two books this week. The two books that are on the cutting board are Batgirl #42 and Gotham by Midnight Annual #1. Before we begin the reviews I would just like to remind people what an annual issue is. Most of the time an annual comes out once a year to give a monthly series an extra chapter per year. Unfortunately, recently I have seen two annuals come out in the same year. That should not happen. If you want to release two annuals in the same year, it is called a bi-annual. Don’t believe me? Look up the last run of the Teen Titans.

In Batgirl #42, Batgirl and the new Batman conclude their fight with Batman letting Batgirl run away. We learn an interesting piece of information that the new Batman does not want to bring in the Bat Family but his employers want him to. This issue is good for a next chapter of a story. We learn a lot through the dialogue. Unfortunately it was too easy to forget the villain.

In our first annual on this blog, we have the best Gotham by Midnight issue so far. The Gotham by Midnight team hunts down a magician or vampire that seduces women by being the perfect gentleman. The story was amazing. It kept me hooked from page 1. It reminds me of a Sherlock Holmes story. Even if you don’t like the Gotham by Midnight series, you should pick this up because it is a self-contained story and great in every way.

This week we had two good stories in the Batman Universe. For every comic series that is terrible there is always one issue is a gem.