Will Johnny tells Sharon that he loves her? Will Derek get out of his debt to the Japanese mafia? Who killed Mr. Brown? All of these questions will not be answered today because this is not a soap opera blog. Had you fooled for a minute there. You thought I had gone crazy. Today we will review three comics. These are including Grayson, We Are Robin, and Gotham by Midnight.

In Grayson # 10, Dick Grayson continues his mission only to find out that the item he stole is being sold to Lex Luthor. This is interesting because Dick and Lex haven’t seen each other since Lex helped faked Dick’s death in the Forever Evil story line. This issue has all the ingredients for an action packed story and still delivers after 10 issues.

We return to We Are Robin where the first issue was absolute garbage but this second issue is better in every shape and form. This issue reminds me of a bit of the movie, Kingsmen, the Secret Service. The way it reminds me of this film is the method that the main character is recruited. I am more interested in the way this series is going now than when I read the first issue.

Lastly, we’ll take a look at Gotham by Midnight issue 7. This story is a continuation of last issue with a different case. The good part about this story is it played like an episode of CSI. The part I didn’t like is it is not memorable at all. By the time I am writing this, I have already forgotten the sub-plots in this issue.

That was this week in regards to the Bat Family comics. If you have a different opinion on these issues, that is a good thing and I would love to hear from you and discuss them.