Before I review this week’s books, I have a few announcements to make. Firstly, I will not be reviewing the Batman Oneshot tie-in to Justice League Gods and Monsters. It is not in continuity and has nothing to do with the current Bat Family situation. Next, I will not review the Oneshot tie-in for Justice League Darkside’s War, while it’s in continuity without context my review would not make sense. Lastly, for the upcoming weekly series, Batman and Robin Eternal, I will review it but not as in depth as Batman Eternal. Right now all the books concerning the Bat Family are tied together closely and I would rather focus on the whole group than one book.

With that being said, welcome to the review. The two books we are reviewing today are: Robin Son of Batman #2 and Black Canary #2. If you like adventures then this week is for you.

In Robin Son of Batman #2 Damion continues his quest for redemption as he meets a potential ally and brings a stone statue to life. This book felt a lot like the adventures of someone like Indiana Jones. This puts the action at a fast pace while telling a good story. The best part I liked about this book was the flashbacks to Damion’s past and showed the reader why he is on this quest. This issue was way better the first issue in every area. It is worth a read.

Meanwhile in Black Canary #2, Black Canary and her band are being pursued by an assassin. Unfortunately there is not much character development in this issue. I still don’t care about the other people in this book. The only person I care about is Black Canary. Fortunately, if you were a fan of the latest one of Birds of Prey, this issue starts to resolve some story points from that series. I’m glad that a new series can finish up story lines from a previous series and not leave the readers waiting and clueless about what happens to the hero. I’m talking to you Hawk and Dove.

This week was just about fun. These two books presented a fun story for the reader. I hope these two books can keep up the theme of what they are. Of course I want new stories but I don’t want the book to a feel like a completely different book.