This week in the Batman Universe we have everything from a drug that gives you super powers to an army of mimes. Yes, I missed Batman Beyond again last week although I wasn’t missing much. Later on that.   This week I came up with a prediction that soon Gotham will be involved in a four way war. I don’t know if that is what the writers intend but I get the feeling that Gotham City will soon be a battle ground.

First, let me talk about Batman Beyond #2. We return to a world where I have no idea what kind of apocalypse has happened. The good thing about this comic is it has set up all the players in the story. We know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are and what they are fighting for. The bad part of this book is it has too many twists for a twenty page chapter. There is too much back stabbing going on in so little time. It is just a bit better than the previous issue.

In Batman #42, Jim Gordon faces off against a new drug on the street that gives its users super powers. While is going on, we see Jim Gordon struggling with his thoughts about how to be a good Batman. We learn that Bruce Wayne is indeed alive but keeping a low profile. This issue was intended to be a set-up issue for future stories but it does not come across that way which is good. This issue keeps the reader interest despite its purpose.

Selena Kyle starts up her own small army which she keeps secret from her own crime family in Catwoman #42. In this issue, Selena Kyle and Spoiler meet again after Selena kidnapped Spoiler in Batman Eternal.  This issue shows that Selena misses being Catwoman and she realizes that maybe being a crime boss is not the best thing for her. Most interesting part in this issue is what could happen, will she have the crime family in the end or will they be enemies.

Clark Kent has to team up with Jim Gordon/Batman in Batman/Superman #22. After the previous issue had the pair duking it out, they reluctantly joined forces to defeat a super villain from another world. The best part about this issue is the arguments between Clark Kent and Jim Gordon. Unlike the times when Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne worked together, working with Jim Gordon is totally dysfunctional and it works. If you want a different style to the classic team-up, pick this up.

This death of a loved one can change more people than just the person directly affected. We learn this in Gotham Academy #8. Unlike last week’s issue which was a comedy, this is a drama. The characters in the group that we usually follow go through emotional changes. There is not a single moment of comedy in this issue and it did not need it.

Who do you call when there is an army of mimes? Probably not Red Hood and Arsenal. But in Red Hood/Arsenal #2, we get exactly that. Unlike the previous issue, this book does not take itself seriously at all. Roy Harper, Arsenal, takes every chance every chance to make a joke. You will never see that in the TV Show Arrow. This issue reminds me of the first Rush Hour movie. It’s a great book and gives you a ton of laughs and if you are a gamer, you will get a lot of the references.

This week we got a smorgasbord of story types in the Batman Universe. I can’t wait for next week.