You know the feeling when you think you have less work than you actually do?  That is this week in a nutshell.  I thought we would only have two books to go over this week – we got four!  Let’s meet the four contenders for my approval this week.  They are:  Batgirl, Gotham by Midnight,  We are Robin, and Grayson.

The first book, Batgirl, has the most to do with the Jim Gordon/Batman saga this week.  While the new creative team’s interpretation of Batgirl is not the best, it’s growing on me.  This story is about Barbara Gordon finding out that her Dad is the new Batman.  The book itself has a great set-up for what could be a great story, however, if the author doesn’t play the cards right, this story could be utter garbage.  The first part is great but I’m cautious going forward.

Gotham by Midnight is not the best book in the Bat Family but you can see it’s trying its hardest.  The loss of a team member of the GCPD Midnight Watch has caused infighting amongst the remaining members.  For me, I didn’t care about the person who died.  She never grabbed me as a good character so I feel no sense of loss.  The book itself this week has interesting moments and in my opinion the book is gradually getting better.  If you like stories that are a slow burner, this is for you.

Now for We are Robin.  Oh boy, have I got issues with this book!   The main character of the book, Duke, is a good character but the scenario that he goes through is utter garbage!  We have seen the story of the adopted kid going to a new foster home because he is violent.  Why is this still a story element after fifty years?  There is at least one story a year that shows this.  I am sick and tired of this stereo-typical story that has no purpose in today’s society.  We know there are problems in foster care but we don’t need to be reminded every day.

Lastly, we have Grayson, the super spy of the Bat Family.  What I like about this book is the fact that a real former CIA operative is helping writing this super spy story.  While it is not all action all the time it is believable.  In this series, the hero is Dick Grayson formerly known as Nightwing trying to infiltrate an evil organization called Spyral.  For those who are caught up with this book, you know that it’s not your typical spy story.  Dick Grayson may not be James Bond but he gets the job done in his own interesting way.

These books were interesting in their own way.  While some I may hate, I’m looking forward to what the next issues will bring to the table.