Unlike last week, the two books we’re looking at have nothing to do with the ongoing Jim Gordon/Batman saga. We will be looking at Robin, son of Batman, and Black Canary. Yes, I know Black Canary is not officially part of the Bat Family but she was in Birds of Prey which was a Bat Family book. If anyone has a problem with this, my World of Warcraft character is called Xelojr. Please contact me so I can ignore you.

First we have Robin, son of Batman, which is a continuation of Batman and Robin. While I’m not completely caught up with this story line, I could easily get the idea of what happened previously. That being said, this comic felt like a dream. I felt awkward reading it because everything you see in this comic is more weird than what we see in the magical portions of the DC universe. The best part about this book is that Robin gets a pet demon called Goliath. The main story is about Robin trying to fix the damage that his mother and grandfather caused. This is not a good book for a new reader but if you read Batman and Robin in the New 52 then this will be a good book to pick up.

Now on to Black Canary. This book is also a continuation but of the Birds of Prey comic from the New 52. This book tries to answer the question of “Can a superhero ever get a normal life after being a hero?” And for the most part it answers this question pretty well. Unfortunately there are a ton of questions left unanswered. Hopefully the future issues will address these questions. Now if you are not a fan of the New 52 Black Canary, do not pick this book up.

Next week we will probably see books returning to the main Batman story. As much as I like the main Batman story, I like weeks like this where we get a break.