Last week I only had to review one book.  This week I have seven books.  It would be eight books but I’m so far behind on Harley Quinn that I would not have the right knowledge to properly review the book.  With that being said, this week on the docket we have Batman Beyond, Batman, Detective Comics, Batman Superman, Catwoman, Red Hood and Arsenal, and lastly, Gothman Academy.  This is going to be a long post so I hope you stay with me.

First, let me talk about the book I missed last week, Batman Beyond.  For those my age and big Batman fans, you probably remember the TV show from the late nineties.  Do your yourself a favour when reading this and forget all about the TV show.  This book is a direct sequel to the new 52’s Future’s End, in which Terry McGuiness, who has always been Batman Beyond, dies and Tim Drake takes up the mantel of Batman Beyond and goes back to the future.  This book would be great if the author could figure out what kind of post apocalyptic world he wants.  I can’t decide if he’s trying to make it look like Terminator or Mad Max!

The next four books tie themselves together with interweaving story lines.  The main Batman comic focuses on Gotham after the apparent death of Batman from the Endgame story line.   The story is about Jim Gordon being asked by the mayor to take Batman’s place.  This book is well written and focuses mostly on Jim Gordon’s discomfort in playing Batman.  We see both the past and the present as this story unfolds showing how he became the new Batman and how well he is doing as Batman.  For those people who hate the new Bat suit, I am totally with you on that.  At least in the comic, Jim Gordon tells the mayor how the ridiculous it looks.

In Detective Comics, we see what is happening in the gap between the time Jim Gordon was asked to be the Batman and the time that we see him being the Batman.  This story focuses on Harvey Bullock and introduces an old-time fan favourite character, Renee Montoya.  This book is excellent at showing what the GCPD can do now that they are not corrupt.  Instead of an action related story, this is more like a drama and goes into the two main character’s story.  If you want something different in your Batman, pick this up.

As we move to Batman Superman, we find a blend of the ongoing Superman’s story Truth and Batman’s Jim Gordon story.  Superman has lost eighty percent of his powers and is wondering why Bruce Wayne won’t answer his phone calls.  This results in Superman fighting the new Batman and learning that Bruce Wayne has died.  I have heard that there may be a second Batman Eternal and these books are leading up to it.  I wonder if Superman will be in the second Batman Eternal, at least as a cameo.

Reading the Catwoman comic, we pick up with Selena Kyle still trying to be a crime boss.  After learning about Batman’s death, she feels guilty about not helping him.  This whole book is a transition for Selena Kyle to return to being Catwoman.  I don’t know where this story is going and I’m really interested in what they will do with Selena Kyle.  Although this first issue of this new story did not grab my attention.  I hope this story gets better because it is a great concept.

Red Hood and Arsenal is a continuation of Red Hood and the Outlaws.  This book was not the greatest thing ever but it is not terrible.  Let me be clear, although this writer has a lingering bad reputation, I do like some of his work.  This book felt like a cheesey 80’s action movie with dumb violence and a plot that won’t win any awards.  I can’t help but grin at this book.  I am enjoying myself reading this.  If you can put away your hopes for a thought provoking story, then read this.

Lastly, we have Gotham Academy.  For those who haven’t been reading the comics, it’s a young teen drama mixed with magic.  In this issue, we learn that Damion Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne, is attending the Academy.  One of the main characters, a girl called Maps, falls head over heels for Damion Wayne and comedy ensues.  This is a fun book that is meant to be a light read and shows the everyday life of kids in Gotham.

Some of these books were better than others but there is going something for everyone.  It is not my job to tell you what books are good and what books are bad.  I only provide my opinion to help you decide what you want to read.  If any other critic tells you otherwise, question them.  People like different stories and no one has the right to tell you what you should read.