I have returned but this time I’m looking at every comic in the Bat Family within the current continuity.  Unfortunately, there were two Batman Family books out this week and I only picked up one by mistake.  This week we had two first issues of new series, Bat-Mite and Batman Beyond.  Can you guess which one I forgot to pick up?  It is the cooler one of the two.  Yes, I forgot to pick up the first issue of Batman Beyond.  I am a terrible person.

With that being said, I read Bat-Mite and quite enjoyed it.  Before I tell you why, let’s make one thing clear.  Up to this story, I hated Bat-Mite with a passion.  For those who don’t know what this monstrosity is, let me explain.  Imagine you are a celebrity and your biggest fan dresses as exactly like you and has super powers that can bend the laws of space and time.  If you add all that to the most annoying person you know, you get Bat-Mite.

This new one of Bat-Mite is not that bad due to the fact that the author knows Bat-Mite is a nuisance and punishes him in the book on every page for being annoying.  As much as I would like to tell you the story, I’m not going to do that anymore.  If you want to know the story, buy the comic or look it up on DC Comics Database.  If you like looney tunes, you will love this comic.  There is a blend of slapstick and verbal comedy that carries this story throughout the book.

For those who are wondering if this will help with the continuity of the DC Universe, don’t hold your breath.  This is series is just six issues and all it is for is a laugh and it succeeds at its goal.  I thought I was going to hate this book but I really quite enjoyed it.  If you want 10 minutes of dumb humor, pick it up.