Batman_Eternal_47Some people have the ability to get out of any situation. This becomes a problem when one of these people is also a homicidal maniac. As always we start with the cover, Hush has tied Alfred to a chair and is dangling him down a cliff. So Hush will escape this issue if the cover is anything to go by. This week in general Alfred has been through a lot.   In the main Batman comic he had his hand cut off by the Joker and in the Gotham TV show he got stabbed in the gut by a friend. We begin our story in the bat cave where Hush talks to himself as Alfred wakes up from a nightmare. We also get reminded that Wayne Manor is the new Arkham Asylum.  Why we get reminded of this, I don’t know.  Just seems a bit weird to have it on the first page.

We cut to a roof-top where Julia is putting on a costume to confront Selina Kyle. Julia’s outfit looks completely ridiculous with a mask with the Bat symbol with no eyes or mouth.  How does she even breathe? The way Julia jumps around buildings and leaps up on Selina Kyle is very much like Spiderman! Selina Kyle attacks Julia but Julia quickly pins her down with ease.  After this, Selina Kyle gives Julia a shipping manifest to help Batman. Does Selina Kyle want to help Batman or is this a peace offering covering up an alternative motive. Julia leaves Selina Kyle via a grappling hook and looking more like Spiderman.  I hope this is just going to be a few pages because I don’t know if this is a joke or what.

Batman slides back to Gotham while he talks to Alfred about learning that Ra’s al Ghul is not involved in the conspiracy and figuring out that the theme of the attacks are about legacies. I think I know who the mastermind is but I say again that I am not going to tell you until he or she appears. While this conversation is happening we see the Bat plane has been drawn to look like an X-wing fighter from Star Wars. Julia relieves Alfred and fills in Batman about Selina Kyle given every psychopath what they want. We get to see the inside mechanisms of the Bat plane as the two have this conversation.  I don’t know why.  It is utterly pointless.

At the Gotham Cathedral, the Scarecrow and his goons set up drones to fly around the city to spread the fear toxin. How did the Scarecrow get on top of the Cathedral?  And, why are his henchmen wearing similar masks as his?  I never understood that part of villain logic in having your henchmen wearing the same mask as you. As soon as the drones are ready, Batwing comes flying in to stop the Scarecrow. We don’t see if Batwing succeeds in getting the upper hand over the Scarecrow but I think he will.

We cut again to a movie studio where Clayface is pretending to be Batman as he is forcing another actor playing the Joker to stab him. This is a throwback to Clayface’s origins and shows us that Clayface still has the same goals that he had before he became Clayface. Fans of Clayface will be very happy with this scene. Unbeknown to Clayface, Red Robin is up above him and starting his attack on Clayface. Like Batwing, we have no idea if Red Robin is successful. I think the writers are setting up sub-stories for the final five issues.

Julia gets in touch with Blubird and Batgirl as they close in on their target.  Bluebird’s target is Mr. Freeze while Batgirl’s is the Joker’s daughter. We learn that Bluebird’s target was actually Poison Ivy, but Mr. Freeze is at that location instead.  This is obvious because Selina Kyle is hiding Poison Ivy which the Bat Family does not know about yet and shouldn’t at this time. Batgirl hunts the Joker’s daughter at the Theme Park from the Batman story “The Killing Joke”.  Batgirl says the Joker brought her here after the Joker shot her but I don’t remember that being part of the story.

Julia then gets in touch with the Red Hood to see how he is doing on his mission. We don’t get a clue about what his mission is.  What we get is a short argument between him and Julia. The Red Hood enters a bar while talking to Julia but Hush has invited a friend over to the Bat cave. I have no idea who Hush’s friend is nor do I have any idea why the Bat Cave’s security is so poor. Meanwhile in the bar where the Red Hood is, we learn that the bar is also a fight club and Bane is there with robotic armour.  Now that is just overkill! Why does Bane need or want robotic armour?  He is strong as a tank.

At Bluebird’s apartment, Stephanie Brown has a discussion with Cullen about not being able to leave the apartment and how she needs Vicki Vale. This scene feels very out of place in this issue and I don’t why they couldn’t put it in the next issue. Back in the Bat cave, Alfred wakes up being tied to a chair and Hush laughing at him outside of his cell. Hush used a rocket to fly Julia away to the ocean to get rid of her. How did Hush get out?  We already know that another person was in the Bat cave.  Why are they not revealing themselves? We end with a mysterious figure announcing himself to Hush as they hijack the Bat plane remotely forcing it to crash. Soon we are going to learn who is behind the conspiracy and why.  I just can’t wait.