Batman_Eternal_46Is it always good idea to put time travel in any story you want? The answer is no. As always, we start with the cover. Ra’s al Ghul stands in a desert with a sword through Batman’s mask and his chest piece used as a flag. I wonder if Batman goes to Ra’s al Ghul or Ra’s al Ghul will come to Batman. There is a message on the sword that says ‘Mortal after all’. What could this mean? We begin our story with Poison Ivy talking to her guardian about taking over Gotham. Her speech is something that we have heard before and there is nothing new to be said.

We cut to Batman attacking Ra’s al Ghul’s fortress head-on yelling for Ra’s al Ghul to come out and fight him. As much as Batman says this fight is easy, the first panel does not convey that image. I don’t know if it is a smart idea to march through the front door of the League of Assassins. Batman could have easily done a stealthier approach. In another room Ra’s al Ghul and Dr. Darrk discuss over the phone about how Batman is too late to stop them from their plans. We learn their plans are to use time travel to achieve their goal. Am I still watching this week’s episode of the Flash? As far as I know there is only a few Batman stories with time travel in them and I have not read any of them.

Back in Gotham, Selina Kyle visits her Dad in Blackgate Prison. Besides the two inmates doing a bit of comedy in the background, there isn’t much to this page. As we turn the page, Selina Kyle and her Dad begin a conversation which shortly becomes an argument. While we haven’t seen this kind of argument before, it still feels very similar and very predictable.

In the bat cave, Julia is cleaning up while Hush is taunting her as per usual. There is a point where Hush acts a bit like Hannibal Lector but they don‘t go that far. The writers use bits and pieces from Silence of the Lambs as a framework and rewrote them to fit Hush. It is more of an inspiration than a direct reference. Julia ignores Hush and checks on her father, Alfred, who is still unconscious. We see Julia’s caring side which is different than how we saw her in the beginning.

Julia gets in contact with Batman but before Julia could say what she wants, Ra’s al Ghul uses telepathy to talk to Batman in his mind. The most important part about this scene is that Ra’s al Ghul reveals to Batman that he has used time travel. This is interesting. It will give Batman another obstacle and show the reader something different. Ra’s al Ghul uses magic to show Batman some of his successes from possible futures. If you’re a long time Batman fan, you’re going to be impressed. You’re going to see Damion Wayne and Batman Beyond. For readers who don’t know much about the Batman universe, you are going to be confused.

Ra’s al Ghul continues his game by getting a multitude of future Batmans to attack the current Batman but we soon find out it is all an illusion caused by Dr. Darrk. The fight scene is well drawn and feels like it fits. I don’t know anything about Dr. Darrk as Batman says he is supposed to be dead. I have no idea what he is talking about. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could tell me what graphic novel to read to learn who Dr. Darrk is.

From behind Batman, Lord Death Man comes out of nowhere and attacks Batman. Batman quickly grabs Lord Death Man and knocks him and Dr. Darrk out. What are the writers trying to do? Have every single bad guy in Batman’s history appear in this series? If the Mad Monk shows up next, I’m out of here! As Batman turns around, we learn that Lord Death Man is not knocked out but Batman quickly deals with him again. There is nothing impressive to say about the take-down and it could have been filler. Ra’s al Ghul continues his illusions against Batman showing him his failures and telling Batman that he didn’t have any part in the conspiracy. That’s what every bad guy says!

Batman finds a way out of the illusion only to find Ra’s al Ghul on his deathbed attached to medical equipment. This is a surprise. We have never seen Ra’s al Ghul in this kind of state before. He always used the Lazarus Pits to heal himself. I know Ra’s al Ghul’s main Lazarus Pit was destroyed but he found another one via his minions in the Red Hood and Outlaws series. Ra’s al Ghul and Batman have a discussion about Ra’s al Ghul bringing Batman to him to prove that Ra’s al Ghul is not the mastermind. I knew it wasn’t Ra’s al Ghul. The issue was just a misleader but I still have no idea of who is the mastermind.

Back in Blackgate Prison, an inmate brings Leo, Selina Kyle’s father, a disturbing letter. We know that something is being brought into the prison, but what? We end with Leo learning that his daughter is giving every super villain in Gotham their heart’s desire. This can’t be good for any one. What is Selina Kyle thinking?