Batman_Eternal_45This is the issue where we finally learn the identity of the master mind behind the conspiracy, ordo we? I mean we still have seven more issues, anything could happen. As always we start with the cover, Batman is grabbed by a bunch of giant hands as an airplane heads towards the Dark Knight. Ladies and gentlemen, this is why you don’t fly economy. The cover is very well designed and reminds me of a scene from a zombie movie.

We begin this issue with ghosts reaching towards the reader as a man in the background cries out for help. Apparently Batman is becoming the X-Files this week. The ghosts are drawn in a way that they remind me of the Sandman comics. As we turn the page, we learn that the ghosts are after Professor Milo and Batman is just in their way. The many ghosts are saying so many things that are not related that it is hard to focus on what they want but I feel that this was deliberate. As of this moment, I don’t know if these are real ghosts, nanobots or magic.

One of the spirits takes over Professor Milo’s body giving Batman a chance to question the entity. We learn that one of the ghosts is Mr. Bygone. I know we saw this character before but I can’t remember which issue. After Mr. Bygone leaves Professor Milo, Batman tries to help Milo medically but the GCPD surrounds Batman. I thought that when Batman took care of James Bard, the GCPD went back on Batman’s side. Maybe I missed something.

Across town in the apartment of Luke Fox, we see Batwing having to deal with a ghost infestation with no knowledge about how to deal with it. Batwing tries to punch the ghost but his fist goes right through it. Isn’t that Ghost 101 that they can go through solid objects? As far as I know that has been common knowledge. Batwing continues his fight against the ghost as we also see how Batman deals with the GCPD. It seem weird to have two unrelated scenes on the same page. That being said, if this happened at the beginning of the chapter, it would have made much more sense. Batman uses a flash bomb to distract the police and get away. We have seen this many times and I am bored with it.

Back at Batwing’s apartment, James Corrigan walks in as Batwing finishes off the ghosts by punching them. How in all existence can you beat ghosts just by punching them? Either the writers are crazy or these aren’t real ghosts. Batwing tells Jim Corrigan that since Jim had introduced him to the spirit world, it has been haunting his mind ever since. This is an interesting character development for Batwing and makes me wonder if the writers will put Batwing into a paranormal role. Jim Corrigan gets a call from Batman asking Jim for help in questioning Professor Milo. Jim tells Batman to meet him at a cemetery. Why? That is the last place I want to be when ghosts are loose in Gotham!

At the graveyard, Batman gives Professor Milo to Jim Corrigan for interrogation while he talks to Batwing. Batman and Batwing’s conversation is pretty unimportant and stuff we hear all of the time. Jim Corrigan learns that Milo was using a forbidden spell book that is not even in use by the best magicians. What is this book? The Book of the Dead or something like that?

We cut to another apartment, this time the home of Harper Row, where she and Stephanie Brown have a heated argument about trusting Batman. The argument is typical of teenage girls which both characters are. It is just nothing we haven’t heard before. Harper Row aims a stun gun with a tracking device on Stephanie Brown to ensure that Stephanie does not leave while Harper is out. How did Harper Row acquire this weapon? The writers have not explained this.

In the bat cave, Batman and Julia are trying to decipher some text that could lead them to the mastermind of the conspiracy against Batman. Julia tells Batman to take a break which prompts Batman to comment that she is a lot like her Dad, Alfred. Not sure what the goal of this page is. It could just be filler.

Batman and Julia catch on to the clues left in the text and the pair start talking about who they think it is. This is dragging on a bit because they don’t actually say who is on this page. You have to turn the page to find out who it is. We end this issue with Batman telling Julia that Ra’s Al Ghul is the only man who could do all the terrible things that have been happening in Gotham. I’m so glad I didn’t put any money on the prediction that Ra’s Al Ghul was not that bad guy because I would have lost my money. I hope they explain more of why Ra’s Al Ghul is doing all this to Batman.